How It Works

Photo Submission

To order your own drawing of a pet or person, you first need to send me a high-resolution photograph of the subject. It must be the EXACT one you want, unless you’re getting a digital manipulation or a graphic montage (which costs extra). For example, if you want a portrait of your dog, make sure the feet are not cut off, because if they are, that is how it will be drawn.



After this is done, I will need specific instructions on how you want it to be drawn. If you want a background (for example, a sunset), I will need an additional photograph for it (which may cost extra). 



The next thing I need to know is what media I should use for your subject. The standard media I use is graphite, ink, and acrylic paint. If you want yours done in oil paint, watercolor, chalk/charcoal, pastel, or if you want it done digitally, that will cost extra.


Info For Sizes

The standard sizes for a portrait are 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20. If you need a custom size, please contact me first before ordering for a quote. To display your art, professional matting and framing is recommended. 



There are two options for your piece of art’s surface; natural mixed media paper (commonly used for portraits) and canvas. All of the sizes included, referenced in the “Info For Sizes”, can be used for either surface.